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Breeza® Flavored Beverage for use with Oral Iodinated Contrast

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Increase Patient Satisfaction – Improve Clinical Outcomes – Add to Bottom Line

Offer the ultimate in taste, convenience, and patient satisfaction with Breeza® flavored beverage for improved palatability of ionic oral iodinated contrast (contrast to be added separately).

Easier to drink and tolerate, Breeza®’s appealing look and great taste leads to improved patient compliance, resulting in more complete studies.

Increase Patient Satisfaction: Breeza is the only flavored beverage made with a bitterness blocker to mask the bitter taste of oral iodinated contrast.  Patients given contrast mixed with Breeza are more likely to comply with full drinking instructions – resulting in better initial scans, faster throughput, and happier patients.

Improve Clinical Outcomes: Breeza’s ready acceptance among all patient types helps reduce the number of additional, unnecessary procedures that can result from reluctance or inability to drink prescribed dose.

Add to Bottom Line: With faster throughput and increased patient referrals, many facilities find Breeza to be a self-funding product and revenue generator.


  • sugar-free, gluten-free, tropical fruit-flavored beverage
  • packaged in 16oz under-filled bottles for the easy addition of ionic oral iodinated contrast
  • preprinted patient identification labels and straws included
    REF 220
    QTY 24 bottles / case