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Solas OR

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Cirdan Imaging Ltd

The Cirdan Solas OR provides immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins. The Solas OR raises the standard of care to new heights for patients undergoing surgical excision or biopsy procedures. Save time in the OR by x-raying the specimen intra-operatively. The image can be sent to mammography via PACS while the specimen is sent directly to pathology

About Cirdan
Cirdan was founded with the aim of developing medical devices to accelerate and enhance the diagnosis of patients. Cirdan has linked itself closely with leading global collaborators with the purpose of staying ahead of the rapidly changing technological, workflow and data requirements that are challenging modern laboratories. The company operates globally with its head office in Lisburn, (UK & Ireland) and has further offices in Canada and Australia. The distribution of our offices allows Cirdan to offer a full 24/7/365 support service to customers around the world