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Accreditation Phantom for Uniformity Model 551

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A continuous QC program identifies problems before they impact the diagnostic value of ultrasound exams and assures equipment is functioning properly. Research has demonstrated that the most common failure in the ultrasound imaging system is the transducer as they are easily damaged by stress, dropping and kinked cables1. Accreditation programs now recommend all scanners and all transducers be tested quarterly and must be tested at least semiannually by performing an image uniformity and artifact survey2.

The CIRS Model 551, Accreditation Phantom for Uniformity, aids appropriately trained personnel in identifying the presence of lateral and/or axial streaks, i.e. artifacts, on any ultrasound transducer. Presence of artifacts is an indication of transducer damage and triggers corrective action.

The phantom consists of a uniform block of Z-SkinTM that is elastic enough to conform to any shape transducer. Z-Skin is durable enough to withstand the probe pressure to maintain coupling with all the elements of even the tightest curvilinear arrays.

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  • Simple, compact design makes phantom easy to transport
    and store

  • Cost-effective solution to fulfill accreditation Routine QC
    Program requirements

  • Durable materials for extended phantom life

  • Soft phantom material conforms to shape of most ultrasound