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Prostate Training Phantom Model 053-I

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The CIRS Model 053-I Ultrasound Prostate Training Phantom is a disposable phantom developed for practicing permanent seed implantation procedures. It contains several unique features to assist the teaching and learning process.

The simulated perineal membrane permits needle insertion with realistic resistance.  In addition, the area below the rectal wall is a clear gel to permit visualization of probe orientation. The prostate is transparent to allow visual verification of seed placement. The phantom also includes a removable pubic arch simulation.

This modification to the CIRS Model 053 phantom was developed with Dr. Peter Grimm and his associates at the Seattle Prostate Institute.


  • Perineal membrane for needle insertion with realistic resistance
  • Assess image fusion algorithms
  • Test new equipment
  • Optimize imaging protocols
  • Improve performance of freehand abdominal biopsies