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Sertera biopsy device

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The Sertera biopsy device, the newest member of Hologic’s ultrasound-guided breast biopsy family, is a revolutionary core needle biopsy device. Its lightweight and ergonomic design enables ease of use. In the initial trial, 95% of physicians stated the Sertera biopsy device was easy to arm and fire and allowed for one-handed operation. Also, 7 out of 10 physicians felt it resulted in greater accuracy and increased their procedure confidence.1

The Sertera biopsy device is a disposable, core needle biopsy device available in multiple gauge sizes. Featuring a pre-fire option, the device provides reassurance that the needle aperture is directly visualized under ultrasound. Special features provide the following benefits:
Outstanding Control
• HandForm design enables one-handed operation
• Ergonomic and lightweight device fits comfortably in a variety of hand sizes
• Two firing modes provide precise control, allowing you to confidently verify sampling area
Quality Cores
• Unique needle design supports acquisition of large representative tissue samples in as few needle passes as possible
Easier Access
• Pre-fire option for an easier approach to difficult-to-access lesions


Sertera biopsy device:

• Gauge: 12 gauge & 14 gauge.

• Length: 11.5 cm.

• Aperture: 19 mm.