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TBS iNsight

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TBS iNsightTM software is installed directly on the computer that monitors the bone densitometer. Upon completion of each DXA examination, and no additional examination nor radiation dose, an automatic detection process proposes further TBS analysis of the DXA scan. At the end of this process, a TBS report is generated in a few seconds.


  • Automatic detection of all new AP Spine Scan.
  • Automatic generation and printing of a TBS report in a few seconds following the BMD report.
  • No manipulation or further review is required.
  • Retrospective analysis of all past AP spine scans already performed with your bone densitometer when originally acquired with the appropriate modes.
  • Follow-up reports for a good monitoring of patients’ bone microarchitectural status in time.
  • Data Export: all TBS and BMD values and patients data will be compiled into an excel file (.csv) for an easier analysis of your patients’ cohort.
  • DICOM compatibility of TBS report.
  • TBS iNsight is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. TBS report is available in more than 10 languages for an easy integration of TBS into clinicians’ daily practice.
  • TBS iNsight is available on the following DXA models:
    GE: iDXA™, Prodigy™ (all models): compatibility with enCORE™ from version 0.90.0138 to 16.
    HOLOGIC: HORIZON™ (A, C, W, Ci, Wi), DISCOVERY™ (A, C, W, SL, Ci, Wi), DELPHI™ (A, C, W, SL), QDR 4500 ™ (A, C, W, SL): compatibility with QDR Workstation™ up to version 12.7.2 and with APEX™ up to version 5.6