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MRI-LINAC Dynamic Phantom Model 008M

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The CIRS MRI-LINAC Dynamic Phantom is designed for end-to-end commissioning, machine QA for hybrid MRI-LINAC Radiation Therapy systems, and verification of gated and adaptive treatment plans.

The Model 008M provides a means to assess MRI image quality, and to test tumor localization and motion-capturing devices. The phantom can be used to acquire moving or static target images for treatment planning and verification of gated or adaptive treatment delivery.

The phantom body, moving rod with target and extended rigid shaft connection are MRI-safe with 1.5T magnets. Motors and motion controller electronics are located at a safe distance from the magnet to ensure MRI image quality. The MRI-LINAC Dynamic Phantom utilizes CIRS Motion Control Software to provide precise, repeatable 3D target motion.

The phantom body approximates an average human body in size and shape. It is comprised of a plastic shell with a cylindrical thru hole to accommodate a moving rod with simulated target. The shell is filled with proprietary MRI signal-generating gel that allows for quick and easy phantom set-up without liquid motion artifacts. The phantom body is suspended on non-magnetic rails that allow for coil positioning and phantom registration to the couch.

Model 008M contains MRI QA targets that are compatible with ACR accreditation program recommendations for:

MRI image spatial distortion
MRI field homogeneity
Laser to ISO center coincidence
The moving insert with simulated target is a sealed, cylindrical rod filled with the same MRI signal-generating proprietary gel as the phantom body. The embedded MRI/CT target is made of MRI gel that provides contrast with respect to the background. This target can receive an ion chamber or other MRI-compatible dosimeters for treatment dose verification. There are laser marks machined on the outside of MRI shell body for both the MRI/CT target and MRI Distortion Grid. To facilitate MRI/CT Image fusion, there is a central fiducial aligned with the exterior laser marks, and in a known position with respect to 3D spatial distortion grid.


  • MRI-CT-LINAC Compatible
  • 3D target motion
  • Gated and adaptive RT plan verification
  • End-to-end commissioning
  • MRI QA

thumb_af1ab0549b039e5906a11b436062499b MRI Main Views

thumb_af78bbe938e483efc0f28db9d3b0a1a6 Motion of moving rod insert

thumb_22b20a2a5dbae35b4f18a7c433ded827 Top, Perspective, Front and Side Views

thumb_6b0fe40176687dcac85dc0489a3e64bc 3D Grid MRI Distortioned vs CAD

thumb_567e94c68b58ac1fe60e6a17ee0bdb56 Target MRI Distortioned vs CAD Model

thumb_52902f088d704afd37f6b47867d5bb6d Central Fiducial Detail