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Specimen Imaging and Transport Container Model 240

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GRID-VIEW® was developed specifically to address inadequacies which exist with regards to the post operative handling of surgical breast biopsy specimens and multiple core biopsy specimens. It’s unique design and radio-opaque grid provide an efficient system for imaging, transporting and identifying breast biopsies.


  • Reduces surgery time through improved imaging turnaround
  • Improves communication between surgery, radiology and pathology
  • Eliminates physical handling of specimens in radiology
  • Eliminates the need for needles or wires
  • Reduces risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens

Grid Options:

Grid-View can now be purchased in cartons of 12 units or a case quantity of 12 cartons. (144 units)

When Ordering specify CIRS Part Number (i.e. 240A for Carton of 12 units Grid-View “A”)


1.  Biopsy Tissue is placed in GRID-VIEW® container.

2.  GRID-VIEW® container is delivered to Radiology for confirmation image.

3.  GRID-VIEW® container with biopsy is delivered undisturbed to pathology with the x-ray image.

4.  Specimen is compared with x- ray image by pathologist for isolation of suspect tissue or calcifications.
Unique design accommodates the largest surgical specimens without compromising performance or convenience.